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Fix Your Flooded Basement In Thunder Bay

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Dealing With A Flooded Basement? We Can Help

In Thunder Bay, where climate extremes can challenge any homeowner, a flooded basement is a common yet daunting issue. Understanding and addressing this problem requires expertise and precision, qualities that Northwest Drainage Solutions brings to every project. Specializing in both waterproofing and foundation repairs, we provide comprehensive solutions that protect your home from the damages of water intrusion.

Understanding Why Your Basement Might Be Flooding In Thunder Bay

Basement flooding in Thunder Bay often results from heavy rainfall, rapid snowmelt, and inadequate drainage systems. Compounded by foundational issues such as cracks or poor sealing, these conditions can lead to significant water damage. The risks extend beyond immediate water damage, affecting air quality through mold growth and threatening the structural integrity of your home.

Comprehensive Solutions from Northwest Drainage Solutions

Waterproofing Solutions:

Our approach to waterproofing includes:

  • Internal Systems: Sump pump installations and internal perimeter drains to manage and redirect water away from your home.
  • External Waterproofing: Application of waterproof membranes and proper grading to prevent water accumulation near foundation walls.

Foundation Repair Services:

Addressing the root cause of water entry often involves repairing the foundation itself:

  • Crack Injection: Sealing foundation cracks using durable, flexible sealants that withstand further movement and pressure.
  • Underpinning: Strengthening and stabilizing the foundation to prevent future settling and cracking.

Custom Assessments And Solutions:

Each home is unique, and so are its waterproofing needs. We conduct thorough assessments to tailor our services specifically to your home’s requirements, ensuring optimal protection and efficiency.

Preventive Measures To Avoid Future Flooding

To prevent future incidents, consider these preventative steps:

  • Landscaping Adjustments: Ensure the ground slopes away from your home to naturally direct water away from the foundation.
  • Gutter and Downspout Maintenance: Keep gutters clear and extend downspouts to discharge water at least three feet away from the foundation perimeter.

Cost Considerations And Insurance Advice

Investing in waterproofing and foundation repairs can save substantial money in the long term by preventing more severe damage. While costs vary based on the project scope, preventive measures are significantly more cost-effective than post-damage repairs. We also help navigate insurance processes to determine if your policy covers the preventive or reactive waterproofing work.

Maintenance Tips for Waterproofed and Repaired Basements

Maintaining your basement’s defenses against flooding is crucial:

  • Regular Inspections: Check for signs of moisture or cracks in the foundation and basement walls.
  • Test Your Sump Pump: Regularly test and maintain your sump pump, especially before the rainy season or periods of rapid snowmelt.

Why Choose Northwest Drainage Solutions?

Northwest Drainage Solutions is your trusted partner in protecting your home against the unpredictable weather of Thunder Bay. Our certified professionals are equipped with the latest technology and follow industry-best practices to deliver unmatched service and lasting results.

Don't Wait, Contact Us To Help

Don’t let a flooded basement disrupt your life. With Northwest Drainage Solutions, you can secure your home against future floods, protect your investment, and enjoy peace of mind during any season.

Get A Free Quote To Fix Your Flooded Basement

Is your basement prepared for Thunder Bay’s next big storm? Already dealing with a flooded basement from the last? Contact Northwest Drainage Solutions today at 807-699-7911 or by using the form at the bottom of this page. Let us help you keep your basement dry and your home safe.

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Frequently asked questions

What services does Northwest Drainage Solutions Provide?

Northwest Drainage Solutions is a local leader in septic system installations, waterproofing, and foundation repair. Also adept and offering concrete installation, grading/finishing, and custom carpentry.

Is Northwest Drainage Solutions Certified TO Install Septic Systems?

Yes. Northwest Drainage Solutions is fully certified by the Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association.

How Much Does Waterproofing Cost In Thunder Bay?

Waterproofing costs in Thunder Bay can vary significantly depending on the type of foundation, property size, and if any repairs are required. Contact us if you'd like a free personalized estimate.

How Much Does it Cost TO Install A Septic System In Thunder Bay?

The cost to install a new septic system will depend on the soil and septic system size that is required. A basic system for the average home in Thunder Bay will likely cost you between $18,000 - $25,000. Contact us if you'd like a free personalized estimate.

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